J.R. Tolkien

"Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R. Tolkien

To Eat

Louisville has over 2,500 restaurants and I'm slowing eat my way through the list! I love love love (okay one more) LOVE to eat, so needless to say half of my adventure in Louisville revolves around food.

Here are some of my adventures in food:
Complete list of my reviews are on my Yelp page.

Food recommendations are tricky as everyone's tastes are different.  Here's my food philosophy so you'll see how our tastes align.  My motto is to be adventurous, always try something new!
Street food is my first love.  Food cart, Vietnam
  • I love hole in the wall places, in a part of town less frequent by people, I guess because I feel like it's my little secret.  And really, who doesn't like to brag that they discovered a new awesome place no one knew about??!
  •  I support the eat local stuff but honestly my wallet disagrees.  It makes sense, locally produced food are more environmentally friendly and by supporting local businesses, the money stays in the community.  But does it have to cost so much? While I like these places, I can't afford to frequent them too often.  
  • I have no problems with chain restaurants.  They have so many locations because they made good food in the first place. 
  • My tolerant for bad service is very high as long as the food is good.  Waiters have a tough job, so people have bad days.  But some people are just horrible to begin with and I'm not going to let them ruin my experience.
  • I like good value for my meal.  I love cheap places to eat and if the food is good, I splurge once in a while.  But most of the times in fancy places, I end up paying for the nice decor rather than a nice meal.
  • I'm an adventurous eater. I love international food, new concepts, or anything different.  
  • I love variety.  My husband joke that I never eat anything twice :) With so many things to try, who has time for the same thing?