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Sunday, September 14, 2014

502 Lunch Week Means Swanky Eats for Cheap

 502 Lunch Week
There are over 2,500 restaurants in Louisville and if you're on a mission to eat through that list (like me), there's no better time to start than this week.  From September 8 - 19, 15 local restaurants are offering 2 course meals with a drink for only $10 or $15, depending on the restaurant.  There are some very expensive restaurants on the list, so take advantage of this opportunity to try something new without breaking your wallet.

Curry chicken is my favorite from Atlantic No. 5
The menu for 502 Lunch Week at these restaurants is smaller than their regular selection, but you're still getting a great deal.  Trust me, I did a little price comparison :)  You'll see me at Louise Le Francais and Brasserie Provene this week trying out some French fare.  I usually write about events after I've experienced it but I want to share this before it's over!

I've done my homework for you. Here's a list of the participating restaurants, cost, ratings (on Yelp) and offerings to help you decide where to go.  Happy eating!

*2 courses: choice of 1 item from 2 categories (appetizer, entree or dessert)

My recommendations? Brasserie and Provence if you've never had french food (they also have great ratings).  For a swanky atmosphere, St. Charles Exchange reminds one of a speakeasy, Gatsby (Seelbach) and Sway (Hyatt Regency) are part of very nice hotels.  I also heard Wild Rita's and Down One Bourbon are very good!

Bonus: If you end up liking Louise Le Francais, there is a Groupon going on now, you pay $29 for a $50 Groupon to spend on dinner.