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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Arctic Scoop - The Smokey Ice Cream

Warm weather is in and the perfect accessory is a sweet cold treat clutch to your right and a walking buddy to your left.  You can head straight to the back of the already long  line at Dairy Kastle for a cheap no frill treat, to the more sophisticated Comfy Cow for local homemade ice cream or to the Arctic Scoop for something entirely different.

If you haven’t heard of Arctic Scoop or been to it, you’re in for a treat. What sets the Artcic Scoop apart is that the ice cream is made fresh right in front you.  One minute it’s in its liquid form, a splash of liquid nitrogen later and it becomes freshly made ice cream right before your eyes.

Here’s how it works:
1)     Choose a size and a base, milk (premium or lowfat), yogurt or soy milk
2)     Choose a flavor or combine the long list of flavors listed.
3)     Choose your mix ins, these are things like fresh fruits, brownies, etc.  I believe you can choose up to 4.
4)     Pay and watch one of the staff turn liquid into ice cream.

The ice cream that comes out is fresh, smooth and made especially for you.  With so many flavors, the possibilities are endless and it’s so fun to see the smoke coming out of every creation.  I suggest skipping the soy milk base as the ice cream comes out icy and bland.  The store also offers smoothies, floats and desserts.

Want to make this place just a tad sweeter? Pinpoint Perks currently has 3 different coupons, a free waffle cones ($1 value), $3 off any $10 purchase (Monday – Thursday),  $1 off any $10 purchase (Friday - Sunday).  I went last Saturday and the owner just asked to see it on my phone.  I also got $3 off even though it’s not a weekday.  Two small scoops ($4.89/each) will only get you to $9.78 (they don’t count if you add the taxes).  Upgrade to a large ($5.89) and basically you get that upgrade for free with the coupon.

Artic Scoop is in the same shopping center as Barnes and Noble.  Stroll through the aisles of this book store and unplug for a while.  I find simple joy in actually holding a book in my hands, rummaging through pre-cell phone activities like board games and crafts, and reminding myself that there is still a world out there beyond the internet.