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Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekend Away - Memphis, TN

It's been a busy few weeks so I've been slacking a bit in updating the blog, my goal is to update at least once a week!  The last weekend took us out of town to Memphis, Charlotte and Myrtle Beach.  A lot driving, eating unhealthy foods and little sleep.  We're now back to River City and ready to be hometown tourists again.


We headed south for the weekend for a friend's wedding and got to sample some of that famous Memphis BBQ.  We also visited the famous Sun City recording studio, where a lot of music legends got their start (Elvis among the most famous).  Here's a little recap of the places we visited.
  • BBQ: A trip to Memphis is not complete until you stop by at least one BBQ joint.  We only had Sunday free so headed to Tom's BBQ, one of the few places opened on Sunday.  My husband loved the turkey leg, it was soft and felt right off the bone.   Check out this link for the 7 most famous Memphis BBQ joints. Diners, Dine-Ins and Dives did a few special on these places so you can watch a video before deciding where to go here.
  • Sun Studio: Iconic to the city, a visit to Memphis can't be complete without a visit here, birth place of rock and roll.  The fee is $13 for a tour that leaves every 30 minutes.  If you want to do it cheap, like we did, come snap a picture of the front, walk through the gift shops and enjoy the bar than head out.  No fees and no hassles. You'll still get to see some cool relics and get a sense of the place.

  • La Michoacana:  Paletas and Mexican Ice cream are the stars here.  Meet your new obsessions if you haven't had these delicious cool treats.  Paletas are popsicles, either water based or cream based.  There are tons of unique flavors to choose, from tamarind, mango and chili, avocado, to traditional, strawberry, blueberries etc.  If you're adventurous, there are a bunch of different types of ice creams and snacks to choose from, ask the staff for suggestions.  
  • Memphis Botanical Garden was beautiful.  If you're a fan of nature and pretty flowers, stop here if you get a chance.  If your guy is with you, you might want to skip, they won't appreciate all the hidden gardens with with beautiful flowers, plants and trees.  There's a Big Back Yard Section for kids with tree houses as well.