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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Louisville Restaurants on National TV Shows

Andrew Zimmern with Bizarre Foods at Morris' Deli on Taylorsville Rd. Source.
One of my favorite things to do when traveling is finding great places to eat.  Back when we used to binge watch a lot of Diners, Dive Ins and Dives, Man vs. Food and Bizarre Foods, we usually end up checking out at least one restaurant featured on these shows.  We found some great places to eat that way and it's fun to try them out in person.

So when a few friends came to visit from San Francisco this week, I started thinking about restaurants in Louisville that made the national spotlight via popular travel and food network shows to share with them.  I knew we had some but was surprised that we have so many!  Most of these restaurants deserve the spotlight, others...you'll have to make your own judgement.

I've compiled a list of restaurants in Louisville featured on some national shows, linking videos whenever possible.  For the rest, I included the episode information so you can watch on your favorite outlet.  These will make for a fun adventure around the town and will delight your next out of town guests.

Best Bars in America
  • The Old Seelbach | S2 Ep3: Louisville
  • Garage Bar | S2 Ep3: Louisville
  • Haymarket Whiskey Bar | S2 Ep3: Louisville
  • Holy Grale | S2 Ep3: Louisville
  • Rye | S2 Ep3: Louisville
  • Joe's Older Than Dirt | S2 Ep10: Bar Games
  • The Brown Hotel Lobby Bar | S2 Ep7: Booze and Food
  • Four Roses Distillery
Best Thing I Ever Taste
Bite This | S1 Ep9: Louisville
  • Harvest 
  • Eiderdown 
  • Milkwood 
Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations | S3 Ep19, start at minute 20:54
  • The Brown Hotel  (full video)
  • Against the Grain
  • Old Hickory Pit BBQ
  • Kern's Kitchen Derby Pie
  • The Hungry Pelican
  • Morris' Deli
Bizarre Foods America With Andrew Zimmern | S10 Ep7: Louisville, Bourbon and Burgoo
  • Wagner's Pharmacy 
  • Flavorman 
  • Proof on Main
  • 610 Magnolia
  • Bourbon Barrel Foods
  • Morris' Deli
  • Garage Bar 
Burgers, Brew and 'Que
Eat Street
  • Grind | S4 Ep13: Carte Blanche
    Moza Pi |  S4 Ep5: Aloha Portland
    Lil Cheezers | Season 4 Episode 6: Some of This, Some of That
Drinking Made Easy | S3 Ep4
  • The Old Seelbach
  • Bluegrass Brewing Company
  • The Belle of Louisville
  • Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar
  • Buck's Restaurant and Bar
  • The Bar at Blu
Food Paradise
  • The Derby Cafe | S5 Ep5: Sandwich Paradise 3  
  • Claudia Sanders House | S4 Ep15: Fried Chicken Paradise
Man v. Food Nation
Restaurant Impossible
  • The Coach Lamp | S7 Ep4 (CLOSED but still fun to watch!)
Southern Fried Road Trip
  • The Cafe | S1 Ep6: Horsing Around in Kentucky
  • Smoketown USA | S1 Ep6: Horsing Around in Kentucky
Throw Down with Bobby Flay 
Other Spotlights

For a complete list of restaurants featured on tv outside of Louisville and in other states, check out www.tvfoodmaps.com.