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Friday, April 4, 2014

Huamana Festival of New American Plays

 It's better late than never, we finally exchanged our voucher in for the Local Pass and 10 free tickets for the last week of the Humana Festival of New American Plays (Special thanks to Actors Theatre and Yelp). 

Produced locally and known internationally, the Humana Festival introduced 400 new plays to date and provided a launching platform for numerous talented new playwrights.  Three of the Festival's plays have won the pulitzer prize, 8 adapted for film/television series, 90 million Americans have seen productions of the plays originated here, and many of the plays won other prestigious awards.  All this happening locally, how cool is that?!

We went to see the Grown Up this week.  I was skeptical at first, the theater was small the stage decoration was minimal.  What the actors and writer were able to accomplish in such a setting blew us away.  It played out like a fast paced, action packed, and adventured filled fairy tale/scifi.  Blink and you'll miss an important point.  The play was funny and kept us laughing with its clever dialogue throughout.  It was an entanglement of various story lines that came together beautifully in the end but had my husband and I asking, "So, what really happened?"(Each unwillng to admit that we didn't quiet get it all).

The Festival is a celebration of the arts, of the talented men and women and the amazing creativity of the human mind. It runs until this Sunday April 6, so you still have time to check it out!  We're looking forward to see the other plays this weekend.  Click on Actors Theater website for additional info.

Post play dinner: Qdoba for two, burrito + chicken salad for $8.  Thanks to the buy one get one free birthday coupon from Qdoba.