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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day

If Valentine’s Day give you no reason to celebrate or you’re just over the expensive pink/red frivolities and the overpriced dinners characterizing this day, try this cheap and fun alternative. For those without a date, grab a friend.  It’ll give “friends with benefit” a whole new meaning.

Free Burrito
On February 14, 2015 only, Qdoba is offering a buy one get one free smothered burrito, for the price of a kiss.  You don’t need coupons, just order and give your partner a kiss to get this great deal, a peck on the cheek is perfectly okay! If you’re rocking it solo on Valentine’s day, surprise an unsuspecting stranger in line or the cute cashier, then grab an empty table to enjoy those two delicious beauties.

Free Movie
Instead of heading to the movies with other couples, spend an intimate movie night at home with your sweet heart or the friend you just used to get that free burrito.  The Redbox at Kroger is offering a free movie rental when you use the code: LOVE (valid until 2/15/2015).  Or use these other codes:NDNQM3QK, 5DKH9WZQ, 29T7MWGX, 92494TK3 or VXHTNG54 (valid until 2/16/2015), anywhere.  There are some awesome new releases out, like the ass kicking John Wick, the psychological thriller Gone Girl and romantic the Fault in Our Stars.  (You’ll have to use it at the kiosk, not online)

Whatever clever ideas you come up with to celebrate this day, enjoy!