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Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekend Plans - Two New Noodle Houses, A Coconut Beach and A Free Pig Roast

The strong winds and cold temperature last week was a brutal way to say goodbye to fall.  It left trees bare and turned pretty leaves brownish, effectively ruining many fall plans and activities outdoors.  So what to do instead now that outdoor activities are dictate by the whims of the changing weather?  Well friends, when you’re in a city with over 2,500 restaurants and new ones popping up on the daily, the next best thing to do is move the party indoor and EAT.

I’m planning a culinary adventure this weekend that involves 2 new noodle houses, a new coconut bar and a free pig roast.  Get your stretchy pants ready because we’re in for some serious eating ahead.  Winter is coming after all and a warm body is an insulated body :)

Source: Rumplings Facebook Page
Rumplings Slurp Shop | 2009 Highland Ave (on the side of Wick’s Pizza building)
Wednesday – Saturday, 5 p.m. – 5 a.m.
Bowls are between $5.50 and $17

This one of a kind noodle shop will start offering authentic gourmet house made ramen, dumplings and noodles this Friday, November 7.  Be prepared to wait in long lines since there has been a lot of buzz gathering among food enthusiasts and the place is small!  Okay, so this Asian is a bit skeptical since three American born chefs are cooking up dishes with roots in Asia but I’m keeping an open mind.  As long as the food taste good, I’m all for it (most Japanese places in Louisville are not really Japanese owned but they are still delicious).  You can expect to see traditional ramen dishes as well as ramen with a little bit of a twist.   For example, the Kentucky bowl includes all the flavor of the Blue Grass State, smoked brisket, fried collard greens, chicken demi and bourbon peppercorn glaze.  Good or not, it’ll definitely be an interesting experience.

Source: Bentuhua Facebook Page
Bentuhua Tea House and Small Eats | 2520 Frankfort Ave
Tuesday - Friday, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
All dishes under $9

Young Taiwanese native Veronica Chang recently opened a tea house in the Crescent Hill area serving Taiwanese street foods, teas, desserts and boba milk teas.  The menu consists of various noodle dishes, dumplings, curry, and other interesting appetizer size dishes commonly found in the streets of Taiwan.  The restaurant looks small and cozy, intent as a place to hang out and to socialize.  Street foods is every Asian girls' weakness and I can't wait to try the Taiwanese version.

Coconut Beach Tacos and Cerveza | 2787 S. Floyd Street
Hours not available, call 634-2843 for details
Most items under $7, specialty dishes $9-$12
The the owners El Taco Luchador, Mussels and Burgers, and Guacamole just added another restaurant for us all to love.  If you're familiar with those three lovely restaurants than you can expect the same quality of good and fun dishes from Coconut.  Located across from Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, Coconut's menu is a simpler and cheaper version of its sister restaurants.  Tacos are $2, burritos $7, sandwiches $6, and other dishes are also reasonably priced.  Head here this weekend with a group of friends so you can share all the delicious dishes. Photo source: Coconut FB page.

El Camino Free Pig Roast and Movie| 1314 Bardstown road
Sundays | 10 pm - 2:00 a.m.
By Sunday your wallet will probably be a little lighter and free food will sound very tempting.  Well you're in luck, el Camino, a fairly new restaurant on Bardstown Road offers free pig roast and movie every Sunday from 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. I don't know what to expect but I've had their tacos, drinks and dessert at an event and thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you're not up for eating, grab one of the drink specials and hang out at their unique indoor and outdoor spaces.  The outside seating area has fire pits right on the tables and inside are several bars and couches to chill.