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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween's Lazy Blog Post

My husband in a onesie, inside a banana | 
I apologize ahead of time that this will be my laziest blog posts yet, I’ll be mostly sharing links :)

It’s Halloween and it’s cold! We’ll be hitting the streets tonight, rain or shine, cold or warm.  My niece and nephews have been waiting all year for this and nothing is stopping them.  If you’re thinking about going out tonight, here’s a great website with information trick or treating around Louisville.

Have you been to Hillcrest Ave? Head there if you haven’t, starting at the intersection of Hillcrest Ave & Frankfort Ave to Hillcrest & Brownsboro Rd.  It’s a Halloween Mecca for Louisvillians.  Residents of that entire street go all out and decked the entire street in Halloween decors.  Some are scary, other funny and all are entertaining.  Be warned, because it’s popular, the street will be super busy.  You might have to park a block away then walk down the street.  DON’T drive down that street, it’s narrow and you might be stuck in traffic for a while.  Unless of course you want to see the decorations and don't want to walk :)

So what’s going on this weekend? Not a lot of interesting stuff, most events you’ll have to pay. We’ll be heading out to take some fall photos around Louisville and I'll be sharing some favorite spots for Fall.

Here’s a link if you want to check out events going on around Louisville this weekend.