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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Hanging Out with Shakespeare in Central Park

Shakespeare in Central Park
William Shakespeare was one funny dude!  A Midsummer Night’s Dream had me laughing so hard I had to wipe away tears by the end of the night.  My video-game- enthusiast-and-action-movie-loving husband enjoyed it as well.  So Shakespeare fan or not, everyone should try to catch at least a showing before the end of the season.

Like many, hanging out at Central Park and watching a Shakespeare production is really not our idea of fun. But this months’ Yelp event took place at the Old Louisville’s Visitor Center, free picnic food provided by Earth Friends Café, snacks from Louisville Local Market and Shakespeare Play afterwards (I’ll have to write about how to become a Yelp Elite and attend some fun free parties on a later post).  We only intended to a little bit for the play but enjoyed it so much the first half we stayed late into the night for the entire show.

This particular production is set in Victorian Era, fitting since Central Park is located in one of the largest collection of Victorian houses in the U.S. Shakespearean language is not easy to understand but be patient, the more you listen the more you become familiar with the old English language.  I suggest you read a short synopsis of what the play is about first.  Gestures, movement, and interaction between the actors help. The play has magic, fairies, love, and lots of humor (this part, anyone can understand!)

The last production of MND in June is Sunday 6/22/2014. July: 7/6 , 7/19, 7/24.  Click here for show times and other productions this summer season.  Each play runs for 2 weeks before a new one starts.

General Information

  • Time: Pre-show, 7:15 PM; Performance: 8:00 PM.
  • Location: Central Park – Magnolia & 4th Street |1340 S. Fourth Street
  • Seating: First come first serve, benches, Adirondack chairs, bring your own chairs or picnic blanket.  Bring cushions or pillows for extra comfort.
  • Concession: Several food options provided by the Food Truck Association; Will’s Bar, full service drink and alcohol.
  • Restroom: Plenty of restroom attached to the Visitor’s Center.
  • Cost: FREE

    Food, desserts and drinks
    Yelp indoor picnic and some cool swags